7 easy binding love spells without ingredients that work instantly

want to cast love binding permanent spell that work fast?

This voodoo doll spell can bind you with the person of your choice forever. no matter how far they are how distant they look or whoever they are with right now.

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Love lives have always been a cause of concern for almost all of us and these 7 easy love spells without ingredients that work immediately can solve all your problems. When it comes to love, no one wants to take risks. We all want our love life to be perfect but don’t know-how. These easy love spells will improve your love life in tremendous ways. Let me discuss with you easy love spells that do not require ingredients and work instantly.

7 easy love spells without ingredients that work instantly

  1. Binding love spell: A binding love spell is used to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. For this, all you have to do is sit at a nice comfortable place and visualize you with your partner in the next 10-20 years. As you visualize him more and more the more will universe put efforts to bring your visualizations to life.
  2. Love spell to attract someone: This love spell works like magic! It is a very simple method that requires no ingredients. All you have to do is take a picture of the person you want to attract, talk to the picture, and tell them everything you feel. You will see how that person will get attracted to you too.
  3. Wanting a partner spell: In case you haven’t yet met your soul mate, you should chant this as much as you can with all your heart and say, “Dear universe, bring my soul mate near me”.
  4. Spell to bring back your ex: Breakups are bad and you always wish your ex to come back to you so here is the spell that will bring him back to you in no time. Take a green candle, light it and close your eyes and chant at least 30 times, “ Bring back my lost love
  5. Spell to bring peace in your relationship: All the issues can be resolved by lighting a candle, meditating and chanting,” Make peace between us” and visualize your partner as you say so.
  6. Imagine more: This is the ancient way of getting what you desire. As you imagine more of you and your partner, more will the two of you get!
  7. Spell to avoid breakup: Take a paper and pen and write your and your partner’s name, draw a heart and on the heart write” Inseparable”. It will always remind you of what this relationship means to you.

Simple love spell to attract him with words no ingredients required 

Once in our lives’ we all get attracted to someone and we want them so badly but most of the time we are just too afraid to tell what we feel. If you’ve felt this way then you should try this simple love spell to attract him with words and no ingredients required. All you have to do is:

  • Take his picture, a real one or a virtual one from your phone.
  • Talk to that person and make them a part of your routine.
  • Wish them good morning and good night and share with them all your feelings clearly and confidently.
  • Tell them how you think about them all day and how they have become a part of your life.
  • Tell them, “Come out of this picture and become a part of my real life.” Imagine life with them.

This may sound weird but it works! The stronger are your intentions and faith, the quicker you’ll attract what you desire. Attracting the person you wanted so badly is as easy as this. You don’t need any ingredients and just this simple love spell to attract him with words is enough.

Voodoo doll love spell without ingredients 

Voodoo love spells resolve almost all your love life issues. From attracting someone, getting back with your ex, binding with someone, finding a soul mate, or even breaking up with someone. These voodoo doll love spells are very powerful and effective. The doll is used to represent a particular person and whatever changes we want in them is cast.

The following are its steps:

  1. Make a doll of clay or cloth padding or wax. Make sure you add something like hair or nail of the person you want the doll to represent and write/carve their name on the doll.
  2. Light a white candle on probably Friday and wrap the doll with red ribbon. As your ties say,” I am weaving my heart to yours”.
  3. Take the doll near the candle flame and say,”Let you burn for me”. Leave the doll on a sheet for a night and then keep it at a safe place afterward.
  4. You will start seeing its magic within a few days.

With this simple procedure, you’ll soon start attracting the person you’ve been wanting for so long. Voodoo doll love spell without ingredients is very potent if done with proper method.

Strong love spell with pictures lust spell using a candle with pictures

Strong love spell with pictures and lust spell using a candle with pictures has been in use for the longest time. Love spells when done with pictures give better results. Love spells can be done to resolve any type of issue related to your love life. To perform a love spell to make him fall in love with you with his or her picture, here are the steps:

  • Take his or her picture.
  • Light a white candle and talk to that picture as if it were a real person.
  • Share with them what you feel and what you expect them to feel for you.
  • Chant, “You are mine now and remain with me forever” at least 30 times and you’ll see the magic happening as you will soon get closer to that person.

To perform a lust spell using a candle with pictures:

Lust spells are used to make your relationships more intimate. If you feel you are losing the spark in your sex life or if you want to arouse your partner sexually then try these love spells.

  • Take a red candle and light it. A red lighted candle symbolizes lust and intimacy.
  • When you light the candle. Close your eyes and visualize all the things you want to do with your partner. Make sure visualization is pure and strong.
  • The stronger the visualization the better will be the results.

Full moon spell to perform with love chants only 

Full moon spell to perform with love chants only is used to improve your love life. Your life may have some unresolved issues, you may be confused about your partner or you may want to break up, in any case, these full moon spells to perform with love chants only works wonders.

To perform these spells do the following:

  • Firstly, make sure it is a full moon day. A full moon day has a lot of power. It is said to have a lot of energy and a special effect.
  • On a full moon day, take a piece of white paper.
  • On the paper, write the names of you and your partner with red ink.
  • Take this paper and chant, “Nothing separates us” at least 30 times.
  • Take that paper and bury it at least one meter deep in the ground.
  • Do not go and check on it again.
  • Once you do this you will yourself start seeing changes in your love life instantly.

A full moon day has a lot of special powers, make sure of the reason you want to cast the spell and do it in a proper method. It is always advised to consult a spell caster if you are not sure of the proper method.

Think of me spell chant

Think of me spell chant as the name suggests is used when we want someone to think about us. Well, we all have been in a place where we desperately want someone to think of us as madly as we think of them. In love or attraction, we always want the person we are attracted to be attracted to us as well.

We may want our crush to think of us or you may want your husband to think about you all the time. It is very normal to have this deliberate feeling of wanting your special someone to think of you. After all it always special to be in someone’s thought!

There come certain situations in life where you may feel your partner doesn’t care about you anymore or never thinks of you as he did before and trust me all of us have been in this situation. If you want him to think about you all you have to do is take the picture of your partner and chant 15 times, “You think of me as I think of you”. You may light a white candle to increase the energy and speed up the results. You too have to visualize more of them and you shall see the results within a few days.

How to cast call me a love spell that works fast using a picture

How to cast call me a love spell that works fast using a picture to make the special someone call you almost instantly all you have to do is:

  • Take a white paper and write the name of the person you want to call you.
  • Below the name write their number.
  • Say these words 10 times, “I want you to call me and I know you want it too”.
  • Now take his picture and put his picture and this white paper below your phone and wait for the call!

As you do this visualize him calling you and what you guys will be talking about.

How to cast spells without ingredients 

I know a lot of love spells are there which require ingredients that are very hard to arrange. However, there are a lot of other love spells that do not require any special ingredients. To cast spells without ingredients you can you use :

  1. Imagination: You can imagine the things you would like in your love life. The more you imagine the greater you attract.
  2. Visualization: Visualize scenes and situations with your partner and pray for them to turn into reality.

These methods work even better than ingredient spells and have no side effects but just trust in the universe.

How to reverse illness curse spells without ingredients

It is very easy to reverse curse spells without ingredients. There may be cases where someone might curse you deliberately to take revenge. Although magic spells are made for good purposes yet some people use it in the wrong way. In case you feel you’ve been cursed which you can know if you notice behavioral changes, nausea, or anxiety all you can simply do is take a saltwater bath. Yes! Just fill your bathtub with warm water and add salt to it. You may light scented candles if you want and take a long relaxing saltwater bath. It works!

Will these spells really work without ingredients?

Most people ask this question whether these spells will work without ingredients or not because most of the people think is casting spells is all about crystal balls, dolls or candles. Well, this is not true spells work as efficiently without ingredients as with ingredients. You don’t need any out of the world ingredients to fulfill your wishes.

What spells really requires is faith and genuine intentions. If you cast spells with faith and believe that they will show responses then you do not need anything else except a good spell. Also, most spells work on imaginations and visualizations so ingredients are not required.

Does love spells work?

For anyone who has never tried love spells, this becomes a genuine concern if love spells work or not. If you think so too, don’t worry you are not the only one. Love spells do work but there are certain things you should know about them.

  • Love spells work for those who have faith in their chants and actions.
  • Love spells should not be cast without the consultation of an experienced spell caster.
  • Love spells should be practiced with the proper method if not done properly it may cause side effects.
  • Also, you should be sure of what you want from the spell.
  • These spells should not be used to harm someone in any way.


Many times in life we feel like we are losing the spark in our relationship, in such times this love spell helps to bind your partner to you forever or we have been madly attracted to someone but just too scared to tell them! Love spells help those who do it with faith.

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