How to break a curse against you

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Many people ask this question, “How to break a curse against you?”. Most of the times we do not even realize we are being cursed. However, the curse as it starts showing its effects also reflects certain changes in you and your behavior. This is when you and the people near you detect something being wrong with you.

A curse is a spell cast by someone with an intention to take revenge from you by harming you either physically, emotionally, or mentally. When a person is cursed certain behavioral changes can be seen in him or her such as depression, anger, insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, and even self-harm in extreme cases. A curse no matter when, why, and by whom is cast is very important to be broken.

Following are some methods to break a curse against you:

  • Through prayer:
  • It is believed that no matter how strong a curse is, it is never as strong as the divine power of God. Many people have cited stories where they have mentioned how Christ has helped them to get back a normal life. Prayer has extreme power. Through prayers, the effect of such curses can be reduced and even nullified with time.
  • Magic mirrors:
  • Magic mirrors are being used to repel the effect of a curse for a long time. What happens here is that, as you use a mirror facing your curser you basically reflect the curse on the one who had cast it. Take a mirror (of any size). Take a bowl and put some black salt in it (optional). Now place anything that belongs to the spell caster (a photo, business card, or anything of their possession). Put the bowl in front of the mirror and place the photo in a way that it faces the mirror. As you do so think in your mind you are sending back the curse being cast on you back to them. Soon you will see things changing.
  • Salt bath:
  • From ancient times, it is believed that most of the spells can be removed by taking a bath in saltwater. It is the easiest method and can be done at home itself. All you have to do is, fill a bathtub, add some salt in it and take a nice bath, free your mind, and just relax. This shall remove all the negative energy from you. You may also add scented candles to enhance the effect.

These are some simple methods that can be followed to break a curse against you.

Pros & Cons

  • These methods are easy to use and can be performed at home itself.

  • You do not need any special ingredients for the same.

  • The methods have to be performed accurately and under the guidance of professional if feasible.
  • These methods may cause side-effects so be careful while performing the same if not done with professional help .

 Love curse removal


Love curse removal is done when someone casts a love spell on you. A love spell is a spell cast typically to affect your love life. It may be cast by someone who wants you in your life deliberately or some ex who wants to take revenge. In any case, to remove a love spell the following method can be used:

  • Take a lemon, and cut into half.
  • Sprinkle some salt on it.
  • Half an hour after the sunrise, rotate and move this lemon all over your body to remove the unwanted aura.
  • Do the same after half an hour of sunset and then throw these lemon halves in your bin.


No one really likes being someone they are not. While being cursed a lot of negativity fills inside a person. These methods help remove those negative energies and bring back the positivity. These are simple and easy methods which work very effectively even if you know or you don’t know the person who has cast them.

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