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In the time of today, people are ambitious. They have a strong determination to achieve things. For them, goals are to be achieved and their relationship should be the best. So in the greed of perfection, people are crossing all levels and for that ritual candles are the safest means to use. Ritual candles help one to fulfil desires, get happiness, be positive and even feel the best in their life. When you think about spreading positive aura, doing some spell or casting black magic then ritual candles are required for the same. They are required so as to perform

Ritual candles as a service are very powerful. Remember on your birthday whatever age you are candles of that number along with one extra is there on the cake. They ask you to close your eyes, make a wish and blow them off. Only one candle should not be blown as that will get you what you want in the coming year. So basically the power of the candle is so much that it helps you to fulfil all your desires. So ritual candles are quite common and people use it for all kind of occasions. From making a wish on birthday, to get somebody’s attention or to cast some spell on someone, for everything candles are used. According to the occasion, different colour candles are there. It might happen that to perform a ritual of love red, pink or white candle is used and for something negative or to cast black magic, the black colour might be used. So this way every colour of the candle also has its own significance. So according to what your expert guides you, candles should be brought and if you have to perform any ritual so be careful and do it according to the instructions


Pros & Cons


  • ∙         Ritual Candles can get you happiness which you are looking for from a long period of time
  • ∙         Can help you fulfil your desires
  • ∙         A number of works which are not getting completed by ritual candles it could be solved and you can have a satisfied life.


  • ∙         It could mould the nature and character of a person as it is very impactful.
  • The spell cast by candle has influenced him all over.

To begin with, the candle spell all you need is an unused pink candle, a white piece of paper and a pen of your favourite colour.  Do it on a Friday night for better results. Sit in a peaceful place where there won’t be any disturbance. Now clear your mind from all the thoughts of the day and let your mind be away from negativity. Now firstly write your first name and the last name of your intended lover on a piece of plain paper. Draw one circle around both the names which you have written. Close your eyes now and focus on you both and start visualizing happiness when you are together. Fell the love. Now next chant this mantra, “Our fate is sealed. We are one so mote it be. It is done.”. Say this three times. After that keep looking at the pink candle for at least 15 minutes or till it burns out, if possible. Make sure the candle is extinguished completely before you go away. Snuff it off but don’t blow it. Do this for seven continuous days and then you will see the result. You will get the love you wanted in your life.

Candle magic spells love spell candles

There are a number of candle spells which you can perform and they can give you the real result which you actually want. If you want your lover back in life then there is an easy spell for you. To perform that all you need is a red candle, matchbox, a knife, vanilla oil, a thread.  What you need to do is take the candle and carve your initials on it. Once you are done within on the top carve the initials of your lover. Now over it pour drops of vanilla oil and cover it with a thread. Tie it in a manner that there is a knot. Once you are done with this, burn the candle. Keep it in a stand. Once it reaches the level where initials were there then blow it off. Now keep it in your cupboard till your lover comes back. Once you get him back you can get away of the candle. This is really effective if done with full faith and concentration. Don’t be negative as it might take some time to work. So take it easy, relax and wait for the miracle to happen and enjoy your life


breakup spell candles

This is another spell which you can go for if you want two people to separate. It is simple. All you require is to make two dolls using a black and white cloth. You must make their skeleton actually. The skeleton should be such that it is like the structure of the particular couple you are targeting. Start visualizing that they are two people that are the couple and call them with same names which the couple actually has. Decorate them so that they look beautiful.  You can use buttons, beads, threads, whatever way you want to discriminate between the two. Now tie with strings and chant prayers for their breakup and burn that string with the candle. Once you do this, the bond will start getting weak.  As the string breaks the bond will also start breaking. Once they are separated now part them away and bury them independently in some area. Once you do this it is all done. You have completed the breakup spell which is going on from ancient time. This is real-time effective and results would be very clear. spell candles 


Getting your love back? You love someone and want to make your relation more powerful or you want to get married to whom you love, so here is an easy spell for you. This love spell has to be performed with a candle. All you need for this is a paper, pen, honey, red ribbon and a red candle. The very first step to perform is right your name and the name of the person you love on a piece of paper. Make five folds of the paper and then put the paper into honey. Now put the lid on it and tie the lid with red ribbon. Now in front of that honey bottle, light the candle you have got and say the spell “Himbaj Peduk Namoj, ‘name of the person’Himbaj”. Say this spell for fifty-one times and then blow off the candle. Lastly, the honey bottle is to buried in a lonely place. Once you do this very soon you will see the results. There are some things which you need to be careful too. Firstly perform this spell on a Saturday night and secondly, all material which you are going to use should be a new one.

questions related to spell candles and how they work

what is the order you light the candles in a Wiccan ritual

For any kind of ritual, it actually depends on the spell being performed. If the candle is purely for worship, the simple way is to let it burn all the way down in one go and not blowing it off. For others, it can be different. So it depends on what spell you are going to cast

how to dress a candle for a love spell

For any kind of love spell, you need to buy new candles. When you get them to your house, leave them out only for a night. The reason for the same is if any kind of energy is there in it from the environment will go away and then you can use it for your good the way you actually want.

what colour candle for the love spell

To cast a love spell you need to understand how you should perform it. Take the guidance of expert and then you go for it. The candle which is used for love spell is red and white. Red is the colour of love so candle which is used is of also red colour.

how to do a love spell with a red candle

To do a love spell with a red candle, all you need is a candle, knife, thread and vanilla oil. Crave initials of your name and then your lovers. Tie them off with a thread making a knot and then burn the candle till that point. After that blow it and keep it safe and see the magic.

reversal candle breakup spell

When you want to do a spell with a candle especially for reversal of breakup you need to consult an expert. That’s very important otherwise it could give bad impact to you. There are a number of spells like chanting the mantra and lighting the candle and then blowing it off. So a number of candle spells would be there for same.


Thus ritual candles have been existing in the lives of people since forever. They are a part and parcel of life. They are a part of every occasion in our life. From getting happiness or to fulfil your goals of maybe doing a spell, everything could be done with the ritual candles. They can actually bring changes in your life depending on the way you use them and the colour which is used. So if you are looking for a change and nothing works out then performing a spell through ritual candle will help you achieve what you want.


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