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When you love someone you also expect them to love you the same way too but it rarely happens however these guaranteed love spells work in 24 hours are the solution to your problem.

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These are proven and tested love spells that deliver desired results as fast as in 24 hours. Although there are different types of spells available online I’ll be discussing some simple spells. Firstly, be sure of the person and the purpose of casting the spell.

You can go through the list of them here

Attraction Spell for love

Who doesn’t want to attract the love of their life towards them? Being single gets too tough sometimes! If you too want to attract someone in your life do this on a full moon day. Prepare a bubble bath with either bath bombs or you can also add chocolate milk to the tub. Take at least nine cherries and find the darkest of them. Eat all these cherries and enjoy the pleasure it brings to you. While you do so imagine life with your lover and you’ll see how magically you’ll attract him. Rinse well after this.

Love spell to revive the lost passion: 

With time it is very natural to lose the spark of your relationship. The essence and passion do not remain the same as it was initially. If you too feel this way then this spell will help you revive the passion of your love life. All you have to do is, light a pink candle. It works better when both of you perform the spell together. Once you light the candle, hold hands and chant as long as the candle burs, “My blood (your name) and (partners name) blood is one, unite us once again”. With this simple spell, you will see your relationship taking a new turn.

Love spells with a picture:

To perform a love spell with a picture, take picture of the person you want to cast this spell on. You may take a real picture, an image on phone or you may simply visualize the face of that person. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Look at their picture and talk to them and tell them whatever you feel for them and what you want them to feel for you and say, “Come to me, I desire you”. The more you visualize, the more shall you attract. 


Love spell to keep someone away from your love 

Nobody likes the part where you feel someone is coming too near to your partner. Many times we face this situation where we sense someone is trying to get between you and your partner. To keep someone away from your love, do the following:

  1. Take a green chili.
  2. Take a piece of cloth.
  3. Put green chili and 2 spoons of sugar on the cloth.
  4. Pour lemon drops on it.
  5. Take a piece of paper and write down the name of someone you want away from your lover if you know the name or you may skip this step and just think of that person.
  6. Fold that paper and then place it on the cloth.
  7. Now wrap all things together with the cloth and place it on the terrace for one night.
  8. Next day, take back the cloth from the terrace and place it 1 foot under the ground.

By doing so, you will soon see your love life getting back to normal with no one getting between you and the love of your life. Love spell to keep someone away from your love is a very effective spell if done properly.

Love spell to bring back a lover 

You may have broken up from your partner due to any reason however there comes a point when you want the things to get the way they were before. You want your lover to come back to you. There could be any treason for your separation, a family issue, a personal issue, or even a divorce. This spell shall bring back your ex-lover, ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband. If this is the case with you too then do the following spell :

  • Take a picture of your lover (physical copy of the picture)
  • Take any red flower
  • Put both the things in a small box.
  • Take a red chili and burn it.
  • Put that chili in the box too.
  • Now seal the box tightly
  • Cover the box with red cloth and then tie a knot with a red ribbon.
  • Now place that box in front of you and say out loud ‘I love you, my love, come back to me’, 5 times.
  • Once you have done this, now you can untie the ribbon and remove the cloth.
  • Now place that box anywhere in your room where no one can see it.

Love spell to draw and attract someone to yourself guaranteed love spell to get your ex back 


 Love spell to draw and attract someone to yourself as the name suggests is used to attract someone you have been crushing on! We all want someone we madly like to be attracted to us as well and it is very natural to want someone attracted to you.

To attract someone all you have to do is, take a hot water bath. Fill your bathtub and add a bath bomb (chocolate preferably). Light some scented candles and have a glass of red wine. As you do so say to yourself, “I am all things love and open to love, I attract love”. Enjoy this pleasurable time. You’ll soon start seeing people getting attracted to you!

Guaranteed love spell to get your ex back will bring your ex-lover, boyfriend, or husband running back to you. You guys may have split due to any reason but will get back together by doing this spell. All you have to is, Take a picture of the person you want to cast the spell on and say, “Come back to me, I am nothing without you and neither are you”. Chant this at least 100 times a day for 3 days. You will soon get a call or message from your ex.

 Love spell to build up the lost passion in a relationship


Losing passion has been a very common issue in relationships. Most people after spending some together find that they are losing passion they once had. With everything as it was before you just somehow feel as if a spark is missing. Love spell to build up the lost passion in a relationship is used to revive the old passion. Perform the following steps:

  1. Take a couple picture of you and your lover.
  2. Place it on a white cloth and pour a few drops of honey on it.
  3. Now wrap the cloth and make a knot.
  4. Light a red heart-shaped candle.
  5. Place it under the ground for 1 night.
  6. Take the cloth out and untie it.
  7. Now put 1 spoon sugar and 1 spoon salt in it.
  8. Take a piece of paper and write, (partners name) and (your name) together we stay, united and in love
  9. Now again wrap the cloth and place it in a safe place in your room.

Perform this spell step by step in a proper method with full faith. This spell will work very quickly and you will soon start seeing the same passion and fire in your relationships.


Love spell to rejuvenate a relationship that is breaking apart

Sometimes we don’t realize how and when our relationships start breaking apart right in front of us. It is something we cannot stop from happening however we can always make efforts to rejuvenate the relationship that is breaking apart. Nothing hurts more than seeing someone you truly love going away from you. This love spell to rejuvenate a relationship that is breaking apart works wonders and gives the desired results in less time.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Take a picture of your lover.
  2. Make sure it is a physical copy and the face should be clearly visible.
  3. Treat the picture as a real person.
  4. Talk to it, say loud and clear how much you love him and how much you care about him.
  5. Imagine good times with your partner like the old times when you were happy together.
  6. Take that picture everywhere you go and make sure you talk to that picture every day.
  7. Repeat this for 15 days and you will see how your relationship will start falling on the right track.

It is a simple method with no ingredients and effective work. Within a few days, you’ll start witnessing its results.

Love spells that can work right away in 1 minute 

There are a lot of love spells that can work right away in 1 minute. You may consult an online spell caster or visit one near your place. Love spells are proven, efficient, and give quick results if performed with proper method under consultation.

Here let me discuss some of the love spells that can work right away in 1 minute :

  1. Imagination: No matter what the thing is that you want, all you have to do is imagine. For example, you want someone to notice you or fall in love with you then, take their picture on the phone, or just visualize their face. As you do so, talk to the picture as it were a real person and tell them exactly what you feel for them and what you want them to feel for you. As you do so, you will see the person approaching you out of nowhere. Imagination is a powerful spell.
  2. Paper chanting: This is an authentic and ancient method of chanting. You do not need any special ingredients or powers. All you have to do is write a chant with red ink on paper. As you chant the spell, draw a circle around the written chant. This method adds a lot of power to the chant and the results are faster.

Spells that actually work in real life

Almost all the spells if used under proper consultation work very well in real life. Not only these spells produce desired results but they also work in a short period of time. You don’t have to wait long for the results. As soon as you cast a spell, within a few days you will encounter its results.

Spells that work in real life are hundreds and thousands. As I have already told that if performed with the correct methodology spells show results in real life.

Some spells that actually work in real life:

  • Love spell to attract someone: Visualize the person you want to attract. Make him a part of your life. Imagine him being with you always. Wish him good morning, talk to him about your day, and express whatever you feel about him. As you will do this for 2 to 3 days, you will find the person approaching you.
  • Love spell to break-up with someone: Love spells not only bring you close to the love of your life but can also be used if you want to break up with someone you were once in love with. On a red sheet, write the name of your lover above and your name below it. Light a candle and tear the sheet into two halves, one with your name and another with his name. As you do so say, “I deserve peace and I will get it”. Burn the name of your lover and extinguish the candle. This spell will itself make you and your partner part ways.

How to cast a love spell on someone

There are various methods of casting a love spell on someone you love. You can cast a love spell if you want to attract someone, find your soul mate, create passion in your love life, or even If you want to break up with your partner. A number of love spells can be used for a number of reasons to cast on someone.

Generally, to cast a love spell, you would need something that either belongs to that person or maybe a picture of them. Each spell requires its own special ingredients. Depending on the type of spell and the intention of the spell, a spell caster will guide you.

Make someone fall in love deeply spell

Who doesn’t want their partner to love them as deeply as you do? Each one of us has desired to get the kind of love where there is no limit. When it comes to making someone fall deeply in love with you, you can take the help of spells designed for the same.

To perform the spell you will need:

  • Photo(of the person you want to cast the spell on)
  • Lemon


  • On a full moon day, take the picture of your partner and the lemon.
  • Cut the lemon into two halves.
  • Keep one half in each hand.
  • While looking at the picture say the spell, “You are all mine and I am all yours, we have a love so deep”.
  • Chant 10 times and then throw the lemons.

Deep pooja for making him crave you 

Having your partner craving for you is the biggest wish of anyone in a relationship. Who doesn’t want their partner to miss them and crave their presence? If I tell you that you can make your partner crave for you by doing a simple pooja at your home itself, wouldn’t it be great! All you need is a red candle, a lemon and some salt. Sit at a quiet place on a Saturday. Light the candle and cut the lemon into two halves. Now visualize your partner by closing your eyes and chant, “May I get all his love” 10 times. Take the lemon to sprinkle salt on it and bury this lemon 1 feet under the ground.


Simple words chanting spell to make him think about you

Everyone wants their lovers to think about them whether you’re around or not. It is very natural to want your partner to crave for you and miss you when you are not around. However, if you think your partner does not think about you then try these simple words chanting to make him think about you. All you have to is say, “My love, you miss me, you desire me every moment when I’m away”. Chant this 300 times a day such that 100 times in the morning, 100 times in the noon and 100 times in the evening. Within a few days, you’ll get that, “I miss you baby” text!


Black magic to make him dream about you

 A lot of people ask for some black magic to make him dream about you. Well, if you are one of them then this one’s for you. This is a simple black magic trick to make him dream about you. All you have to is:

  • Take anything that belongs to you (earring, bracelet, or even a hair strand).
  • Take a paper and on it write, “I am with you in your reality and your dreams”.
  • Wrap the possessed item in this paper and place it under his pillow or mattress.

Within a few days, you will see the desired results.

Pros and cons


Pros & Cons


  • These love spells are proven and work within 24 hours.
  • Easy to use by anyone anywhere.
  • No ingredients or complex things are needed.


  • Some spells take a lot of time to show results.
  • People may use these spells to take revenge.


Free love spell to make someone fall in love with you deeply for real 


To make someone fall in love with you deeply for real is quite a tough task! However, love spells are always there to help you and solve all your love life issues. Here, let me suggest you a free love spell to make someone fall in love with you deeply for real.

  • Sit in a cozy and comfortable place.
  • Light a white candle.
  • Take anything of the person you want to fall in love with you (a card, picture, watch, etc.).
  • Now take something that belongs to you.
  • Chant, “We are one, you love me as I love you”.
  • As you chant tie a ribbon around both your possessions and join them.
  • Chant this 10 times, making 10 rounds of the ribbon and then keep it in a safe place.


Steps to make deep love spells stronger

There is a number of love spells used to deepen a relationship. This love spells work in a way that the partners become inseparable. With time the love strengthens and so does the relationship.

If you too want to deepen the love you and your partner shares use a deep love spell. However, if you want to make the deep love spell even stronger then follow these steps:

  • Use candles as they provide more energy to the spell.
  • You may use black salt which also enhances a spell’s power.
  • Make sure your intentions are pure and your mind is not distracted again and again while casting the spell.

Do love spells work how do love spells work 

Many people ask this question that do love spell work or how does a love spell work. Firstly, yes love spells do work and work very effectively. It is proven and tested that love spells mostly produce the desired results thus proving their efficacy. However, love spells work only when you are clear about your thoughts and your intentions are good. Also, the love spells should be cast under the guidance of a professional to avoid side effects. Different love spells work differently somehow, the basic idea behind casting a love spell is to use energies to indicate the other person of your feelings and expectations towards them.

How to make a love spell work

Most love spells are easy to cast and really not that complex to cause dilemmas. The love spells work on their own and there is nothing exclusive you need to do for a love spell to work. However, there are certain things you can keep a check on:

  • Cast a spell under the consultation of a professional spell caster.
  • Make sure you are not distracted throughout the process.
  • Be clear of your intent.
  • Make sure you perform the spell with the correct method.

If you take care of all these things, your love spells will work and bear the desired results.


How can I make the love spell work for me 

Love spells are used for various reasons like attraction spell, binding spell, break up spell, intimacy spell, and many more. Such love spells are very effective and present the right results. To make a love spell work for you all you to do is:

  • Be confident that your spell will work.
  • Don’t be vague and create any expectations in your head.
  • Always consult a professional spell caster first.
  • Do not tell everyone about the spell as spells are to be kept secret.
  • Make sure you have no distractions around and cast the spell by being present in the moment with full concentration.


How can I find love spells that really work

To find love spells that really work for you there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Who do you want to cast the spell on?
  • Why do you want the cast the spell ( your intention of casting the spell)?
  • What kind of spell do you want to cast?

Once you know the answers to all these questions, you can either consult a professional spell caster, discuss your issues, and queries with them and they will guide you or you can find a suitable spell online that suits your intention. By using either of the two ways you can find a love spell that really works for you.

Strong proven love spells that work overnight

Following are some strong proven love spells that work overnight:

  1. Visualization spell to attract someone: Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Visualize the person you want to attract towards you and imagine what life would be with them. As you do so chant, “Come to me my love for I desire you”.
  2. Picture spell to make him fall in love with you: A picture spell can be cast on the person whom you want to fall in love with you. It is used for the person you are in love with. Take their picture and light a white candle. As you look into their picture say, “(name of the person) blood is bound with (your name) forever”.


Guaranteed love spells that work in 24 hours are very useful to solve your day to day love life issues without much effort. All you have to do is show faith and perform them in a proper manner. You will see the results real soon if your intentions are pure and strong.


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