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Want to your love to come back to you? Want your ex partner come back? want to get reunited with lover? want someone who you love or your crush to come running to you?

we are coven of witches to help you out in any kind of spell you want. Let us help you perform reunite lover spell for you.


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There are different stages in life which you come across. There are times when you are happy with someone and next moment you are not happy. So what happens is you break up but then you realize you need the same person back in your life and that’s not happening easily. So don’t worry here is a solution for you. All you need to do is perform a reunite lover spell a.nd then you are done. The simple spells which are guided by the expert can help you to get your lover back and then you can maintain your relationship.


Reunite lover spell is something which can help you to get the love of your life back. For this, you can take the guidance of an expert. Small deeds or chanting of a mantra will be said by the expert to you and then further you can perform and get your lover back. To the more, there are a number of professionals who can help you to get your lover back. All you need to do is see what person you want to consult for the same. Reunite lover spell is something which makes two souls come together so it is a beautiful service. Before you opt for this service have full faith and do it with all your heart so that the best result could be obtained.


In the reunite, lover spell astrology plays a vital role. When you consult an astrologer, they will look into the stars of the person and yours too so that it could be seen that will you both stay together after the spell is performed. So in case, you are sure that you want your ex back and you want him forever so perform the spell in consultation with an astrologer and do it the way they ask you to do.


Pros & Cons


  • ∙         Reunite love the spell will give you instant result
  • ∙         It will help you get your happiness back
  • ∙         They are easy to perform
  • ∙         You can get a number of spells which will solve all the problems between you both
  • ∙         You can easily look for these spells on internet


  • ∙         It could affect the traits of the person
  • ∙         It could break his bonds with other world and he might be so much into you that it will look like a cage to you.



Reunite love spells

To reunite with your lover here is a simple reunite lover spell. All you need to chant the mantra which is given below and you can get the person you want.

One, one, all the rival will be gone

Two, Two, real love I am due

Three, Three, lover come to me,
Four, Four, lover open your door,

Five, Five, be my heart alive,

Six, Six, my happiness fix,

Seven, Seven, I will be in 7th heaven

Eight, Eight, bring me, love and mate

Nine, Nine, love forever be mine

Ten, Ten a loving heart to my den

Eleven, Eleven, double heaven then eleven

Twelve, Twelve, my love wishes now be held


This is done. Do remember every time you chant the mantra after each line you smile and take a deep breath.

Finally in the end, you need to take a  piece of paper and write the name of the person you love the most, now fold the piece of paper in half with the open end towards you. Now again fold the paper again so it is in quarters. Now place that piece of paper under your cushion when you go to bed. Do it for three nights continuously and then the spell will show the magic.



Spells to reunite a couple

Here is another spell to reunite a couple. This is a simple one but you have to perform it will all your heart. All you need is a pen, white paper and a pink candle. You have to do this spell on a Friday night. Begin with lighting the pink candle on Friday evening. Then write your name and the name of your lover on the paper with a pen. Keep in mind, that for yourself you write your first name but for your lover, you should write to her/her last name. Then, draw a handy circle right around those names and begin with meditation. Now close your eyes and start imagining happy times with your lover. It could be any great memories you both have had in past or things you both have thought for your future. As you imagine, keep on chanting the love spell. It’s actually like a prayer that is working so that both of you could be together and your fate is sealed is one for the whole life. Now, open your eyes and keep looking at the candle continuously for around 15 minutes. Keep doing meditation till the time candle burns down on its own. You should do the spells regularly for 7 nights so that you get the desired result



Voodoo spells to break up a couple and reunite an ex with a partner

To reunite you with your love you can go for this Voodoo magic and certainly it will help you to get your lost love back within 24 hours. The first thing you need to do is focus on your intention as well as to ask yourself whether you really want your ex to be there in your life again or not. By performing this ritual, Voodoo magic will soak up the positive energy sent out from the universe for the aim of making you more striking and loveable in front of your ex-lover. Once the spell is cast, they won’t ever wish to leave you. They will be with you forever. In case you are taking the help of a spell caster to get back with your lost love in 24 hours, remember to give true responses whenever they ask you details like why your relationship broke down. Don’t be unclear otherwise the spell won’t be effective. The moment they have left you, it’s the time to introspect yourself, like asking why did this happen and was it your fault and what are the changes you should do so as to get him back. This kind of spell has no relation with the change of your character; in fact, it’s something you need to work for your betterment.


spells to reunite ex-lover blood moon


There are times when you break up with your lover but then you realize you want that person back. In that situation, you are ready to do anything and at any cost, you want that person back in your life. So keeping that in mind here is a reunite love spell you need to perform. This ritual is to be done on a full moon night. Yes, whenever you know there is going to be a full moon do this deed. What you need to do is take a red candle on which you will engrave the name of the person whom you want back in your life. After that put the needle in every letter of the name. The full moon energy will react to the person and make that person think of you. They will have thought process about you. If a person calls you in the near future, then just remember your spell was successful. You need to do this with all faith and all the positive energy. Once you perform this stay positive and keep chanting prayers so that you can get that person back as quick as possible.



Spell to bring back my ex-lover

If you are tired of staying alone ad you feel that in past you did a mistake, so here is a chance to reunite with your ex. You can get your lover back simply by performing a spell. It is one of the easiest spells to perform. For this, you only need one object that belongs to your lover. It could be his pen or the lighter, his comb or a piece of wardrobe. Now next is take nine candles, and make a circle of them. In that circle place the personal item of your loved one in the centre. You need to perform this under the full Moon. Now light up all the candles clockwise, and after thinking for some time about your ex-lover, speak the chant which is given below for seven times: “Dear Moon, you have an insight into the hearts of those who are in love, awaken XY’s feelings towards me, and become our lifelong protector.” Do this with all your heart and in the near future, you will get your lover back. After this, you can have a happy relationship with him forever.

Spell to bring back ex-husband


You were happily married and suddenly your relation gets spoiled. This breaks your heart and you feel that you want your ex-husband. So, in that case, you need to perform a simple love spell in the night of the full moon. Before you go to bed you have to basically visualize. When you do this it will boost up with the energy of the Moon. Now get into bed and think about the person you actually want back in your life. Think about how your relationship would look like. Where would you hang out with them, where will you go on vacation, what you would buy for your partner on your first anniversary and so on? When we have a great desire for something then the chances to get that particular person increases. So whatever you have thought of now write down on a paper in the form of the affirmative sentences. Now light the pink candle, and pay all your attention to the love you will give and receive in that connection. Among all the though which you have written say the one which is most important to you. This way, the love spell will be imposed by the energy of full Moon, and you send a signal to the universe that you are all set to stay in love forever




Questions asked on reuniting lover spells frequently –

How much time will it take to reunite me with my ex?

When we talk about reuniting with an ex then it depends upon the spell you perform and with what faith you perform. When you do it with all your heart and you don’t think negative about it later on then the results are quite quick.




Thus reunite lover spell can bring you all the happiness but it could have some changes in your life too.  The spell will help you experience a new life which you were looking for from a long period of time. This will get you what you want but for your whole life, you have to manage i so that bond stays forever. These spells are easy to do but having faith in them is the most important part.


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